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Jet Tec Info Consumables (INDIA) Private Limited has 8 branches all over India. The branches in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Surat & Baroda cover Western Zone, whereas Delhi office covers North India. Kolkata branch looks after East & North East Zone, and Lucknow office covers the Central India. We also have a branch in Chennai for undertaking South India's business. We are a well reputed exporter, manufacturer and supplier offering Compatible Laser Printer Cartridge & Dot Matrix Ribbons, Toner Powder, Opc Drums, Inkjet Ink, Dot Matrix Fabric, Compatible Toner, Laser Cartridge, etc.

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Business Type

Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

No. of Employees


Year Of Establishment


Annual Turnover

Rs 25 Crores

No. Of Production Units


Monthly Production Capacity

As Per Client Requirement

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Company Registration No


Original Equipment Manufacturer



Corporation Bank

Company Branches

Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, UP, Parwanoo

Production Type




PCR: HP 1006

PCR: Sam 1710

PCR: HP 5000

PCR: HP 2600

PCR: Sam 2250

Mag Roller

Mag Roller: HP 1006

Mag Roller: HP 4200

Mag Roller: HP 8100

Mag Roller: HP 1010

Mag Roller: HP 5000

Mag Roller: HP 9000

Mag Roller: HP 1160

Mag Roller: HP 5200

Mag Roller: HP AX

Laser Toner Cartridges

JTH1338B Laser Toner Cartridge

JTH4127B Laser Toner Cartridge

JTH3906B Laser Toner Cartridge

JTH1339B Laser Toner Cartridge

JTH4129B Laser Toner Cartridge

JTH4092B Laser Toner Cartridge

JTH2610B Laser Toner Cartridge

JTH4182B Laser Toner Cartridge

JTH4096B Laser Toner Cartridge

JTH2612B Laser Toner Cartridge

JTH5949B Laser Toner Cartridge

JTH8061B Laser Toner Cartridge

JTH2613B Laser Toner Cartridge

JTH6511B Laser Toner Cartridge

JTH8543B Laser Toner Cartridge

JTH2624B Laser Toner Cartridge

JTH7115B Laser Toner Cartridge

JTH92298B Laser Toner Cartridge

OPC Drums

DR 2125 OPC Drum

HP 1006 OPC Drum

HP 4 Plus

DR 3000 OPC Drum

HP 1010 OPC Drum

HP 6L OPC Drum

DR 3117 OPC Drum

HP 1160 OPC Drum

HP 6P OPC Drum

DR 6000 OPC Drum

HP 1200 OPC Drum

ML 1210 OPC Drum

E310 OPC Drum

ML 1710 OPC Drum

ML 1610 OPC Drum

Laser Printer Chemical Toner

HP 1215 Laser Printer Chemical Toner

Samsung CLP 300 Laser Printer Chemical Toner

Hp 3600 Laser Printer Chemical Toner

HP 1500-2500 Laser Printer Chemical Toner

Samsung CLP 500 Laser Printer Chemical Toner

HP 4700 Laser Printer Chemical Toner

HP 1600-2600 Laser Printer Chemical Toner

HP 2025 Laser Printer Chemical Toner

Wiper Blade

Wiper Blade : 2612A / 2613A

Wiper Blade : Q1338A / Q1339A

Wiper Blade: WX / C3909A

Wiper Blade : C4127X

Wiper Blade : VX/C3903A/C3903F

Wiper Blade : EP-86

Wiper Blade : C7115A

Wiper Blade: C4129X/C4182X

Wiper Blade : EX/HX/ 92298A

Wiper Blade : C8061X

Wiper Blade: PX / 92274A

Wiper Blade : NX / 92291A

Laser Printer Toner

HP 1010 Laser Printer Toner

HP P2015 Laser Printer Toner

HP 4200 Laser Printer Toner

HP 1160 Laser Printer Toner

HP Polyester Laser Printer Toner

HP 9000 Laser Printer Toner

HP 1200 Laser Printer Toner

HP Ultrafine Laser Printer Toner

HP AX Laser Printer Toner

HP 4015 Laser Printer Toner

HP Universal Laser Printer Toner

HP P1006 (35a) / 1005 (36a)

Lexmark Universal Laser Printer Toner

Wipro 1400 / 1600 Laser Printer Toner

Wipro 2050 / 2500 Laser Printer Toner

Samsung Universal Laser Printer Toner

Wipro 1500 Laser Printer Toner

Photo Quality Inkjet Inks

Epson Inkjet Ink

Ink BC 01/02 Dyebase

Lexmark Inkjet Ink

HP Universal

DMP Ribbons & Refills

Data Product B 300/600

Epson LQ 300/800 (HD)

Epson FX 105/ MX 100/ Godrej Ribbons

Epson DFX 5000/8000

TVSE HD 40 Ribbons

Epson FX 80/LX 800

Epson DFX 9000

TVSE LSP 100 Ribbons

Epson FX 980

Epson DLQ 3500

Wipro 2600 Ribbons

TVSE Speed 40 Ribbons & Refills

WIPRO HQ 1020/1030/Plus/SEIKOSHA 2415

Wipro HQ 2000/2400/ Seikosha 5780/7800 Ribbons

Wipro 2400/LX 240/540/SP 800/1600 Ribbons

Doctor Blade

Doctor Blade : 2612A / 2613A

Doctor Blade : Q2610A

Doctor Blade : C9720A/1A/2A/3A

Doctor Blade : AX/C3906A/C4092A

Doctor Blade : VX/C3903A/C3903F

Doctor Blade : EX/HX/ 92298A

Doctor Blade : C4096a / C4191a

Doctor Blade : WX / C3909A

Doctor Blade : NX / 92291A

Doctor Blade : C4129X

Doctor Blade: PX / 92274A

Doctor Blade : Q1338A / Q1339A

Contact Us

Office No-B/312, Virvana Industrial Estate, Near Western Express Highway, Goregaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400063, India
Phone :08045804924